Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Favorite Holy Image

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Someone took a photo of a priest during the act of consecration. To his great surprise, upon developing the film, the image of the Holy Family appeared.
Because I doubted that this statement was genuine, I sent the photos to a place in Italy in the neighbourhood of Rome so that a person endowed with special graces could examine them. The response I received was that the image was indeed authentic.
To the question from where the picture was obtained, Jesus answered, “It is not important from where and from whom the picture originates. No one should take credit for that. With this picture, I want to bring aid to the world…”
He stresses" “It is the family of Nazareth. It is very precious, so as to take it into the families; it brings My blessings. With it come faith, prayer, and My presence. I, Myself, come with it into the home…” This picture can, therefore, truly be considered a gift from Heaven.

Fr. Christian Michel, SAC writes:
May this message of Jesus penetrate your soul and enlighten your mind and heart of His great love, mercy and forgiveness. May it inspire you to respond to His bidding to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this world to merit Heaven.

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